Social media strategy

Is your business looking to build a social media presence?

Social media is extremely powerful by virtue of its sheer volume of users. You may already know that Facebook has an estimated 13 million users in Australia in 2013 – and Facebook is only one part of a vast array of platforms available.

But are these things holding you back?

  • ‘I’m concerned about privacy, but don’t know how to navigate those settings!’
  • ‘I don’t “get” social media – how do I tweet/hashtag/pin?’
  • ‘What if people post negative reviews?’
  • ‘What if my staff members post things that go against my business values?’

They are valid concerns – but fear not! We can help you overcome those difficulties and make your social media marketing a manageable experience.

We have a vibrant team experienced in social media, marketing and consumer engagement that can assist with your unique needs. We can help you in:

  • Establishing your social media presence (beyond just Facebook and Twitter – for instance, Pinterest generates more e-commerce and sharing than even Facebook!)
  • Convey your marketing and brand message by developing rich, interesting contents.
  • Engage with your target customers – not just bombarding them with promotions, but help you become indispensable to your clients by conveying your unique expertise.
  • Strategy planning and review.
  • Risk management planning.

Contact us today to see how we can help you get the most out of social media!

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