social media

If social media were a pool, here are the four kinds of swimmers



Social media is like water in business. It seeps into every aspect. We all try to swim in it – but some swim differently from others. Here are a few kinds that we see:

  1. The competitive swimmer – pushing forward daily, helped by the torrents of information already online. Sharing tons of links, articles, memes. Probably shoot to the top of Google rankings quickly but that’s A LOT of effort.
  2. The toe-dipper – heard of Facebook, know what ‘social media’ sounds like, but probably prefer the traditional ways of engagement. A post every now and then.
  3. The go-with-the-flow – They’re on social media to keep in touch, stay updated, occasionally talking about their products. If they have material to post daily – great! If they don’t – not the biggest deal.
  4. The surfer – unique, go their own way, don’t care what others think of how they project themselves. Some may find their ways risky, but don’t we all love a risk-taker?

There is NOTHING WRONG with being one kind or another! It’s all about staying afloat, enjoying the ride…